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With intelligent forms and rich media applications that integrate with your existing enterprise applications and your constituents' preferred choice of medium, you can automate critical processes within and extend them outside your organization without requiring a major technology overhaul. And the web conferencing capabilities allow anyone, anywhere to collaborate on projects, conduct meetings, and deliver training in real time, resulting in increased productivity, faster problem solving, and better decision-making.

Whatever your agency’s mission — from distributing benefits to local families to training and collaborating with military personnel halfway around the world — pdf smart forms can help you deliver information to the edge — anytime, anywhere, and through any medium.

As technology continues to evolve, government agencies have recognized their responsibility to serve all their constituencies — citizens, businesses, and other agencies — with electronic processes that:

  • * Extend to all participants at their convenience, with no need to purchase and manage proprietary applications
  • * Comply with increasing requirements for security, records retention, enterprise architecture, and accessibility
  • * Deliver useful information that engages constituents, improves response times, and reduces agency costs

Defense & Intelligence: Distribute critical information quickly and securely.

Health & Social Service: Streamline benefit application, review, and approval processes.

Tax & Revenue: Increase eFiling adoption to reduce processing times.

Administrative Services: Improve efficiencies and increase visibility for day-to-day processes.