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:: Technology Partners:

We pride ourselves on our ability to formulate Enterprise IT Solutions to our clients’ business issues and opportunities. We also understand that if these solutions are not presented in a user friendly and intuitive manner then their impact will be reduced. For this reason we work in partnership with internationally recognized software and hardware brands.

There are rapid changes in business does require us stay up-to-date with all new features, building up a pool of knowledge and high skills are mandatory. Knowing such as we tie-up with world recognized partners to overcome knowledge gaps and to feed the customer requirement with an optimal solution.

We are official partners of Adobe, KOFAX, iGrafx, GOOD, BrightIdea those are the market leaders in the IT Enterprise Business & Innovation.


:: Alliance Partners:

We develop effective, long term business relationships with our business partners and associates who share our vision, and contribute to the growth and success. It is critical to the reputation of AST-IT that they share in our values, in our ethical beliefs and bring in synergy to our business. Our partners are equally committed responsible corporate citizens, dedicated to the creation of value for the communities where we exist.

Our goal is to enable partners to successfully deliver the Products & Solutions to your customer. We connect you to a wealth of resources aimed at increasing your customer satisfaction and profitability. We provide you with the key ingredients for success including sales tools, joint marketing initiatives with training and customer support services.

Your integration of the technologies into products, systems or solutions that addresses customer needs in specific industries and applications arguments our reach. That’s why we’ve developed the Partner Program to help you build and market your products and services and achieve your business goals.